Creative Questionnaire

This questionnaire is design to provide a brief glimpse into your artistic tastes, background, and interests.

As we learn more about you we can better serve you and help you serve others in your gifts and talents.

Name *
Do you create visual art yourself? If so, please check the appropriate categories:
Have you studied how to produce any of these visual art forms?
Have you taken an art history or art appreciation course?
Do you visit art museums?
Have you ever participated in a play?
If yes, where?
In what capacity?
Have you ever engaged in creative writing?
If yes, what kind?
Do you attend plays?
Do you read:
Do you watch movies?
What type of movies do you most enjoy seeing?
Have you ever learned to play a musical instrument?
Hane you ever sung in a choir?
If yes, when/where?
Have you ever studied voice?
During a worship service, can you sing an unfamiliar hymn correctly on the first or second verse simply by listening and reading the musical notation of the hymn?
What style(s) of music do you prefer to listen to when you are at home or in the car? Please check only the styles which you listen to frequently:
Do you attend concerts?
Have you ever taken a music appreciation, music history, or music theory course?
If yes, when/where?
How often do you dance?
Have you ever studied dance?
Do you attend dance recitals?
Which of the following ministries are you most interested in?