2015 Christmas Painting Party

What a joyful time we had this past Friday as we painted the starry night sky of Bethlehem. Everyone brought their warmth and cheer. There was splattering and dotting galore and the end result was beautiful. The setting was lovely in the home of Barbara who has white carpet but was brave enough to host our first painting party in her home.

A big thank you to Nichelle, Shaun, and Barbara for helping us plan every step of the way. Without them, we wouldn't have been as organized. Their encouragement, advice, and practical help really made our fundraiser a success and freed us up to focus on the step by step process of the painting. Thank you also to all who came and to those who encouraged us with their words and their giving. We hope to have more painting parties like this in the future as well as other creative workshops to help us raise funds for creative missionary endeavors.