Creatively Responding to Crisis

“Rohingya Mother and Child” by Nancy Rodriguez

“Rohingya Mother and Child” by Nancy Rodriguez

I was asked once if art can change the world? I replied, “no, but people can, and art can help us in the process.” For so long art and design has been used as an instrument for change and communication. Imagery and symbols provoke thoughts and emotions, in other words, reactions that can help bring social change. 

So much of what is happening in our world is wrong and saddening. For this reason, we want to be relevant, current, and responsible with our gifts and talents and our very lives. One of the most recent tragedies moving our heart is the outbreak of violence in Myanmar that has spurred a massive refugee crisis, forcing more than 500,000 terrified Rohingya refugees to flee to Bangladesh. What hurts our heart the most about this crisis is the children, as young as 4, getting separated and lost in the exodus.

These events are critical and needing the response of caring people worldwide. As artists who bear the name of Christ, we are compelled to use visual language to be influencers for God’s Kingdom of grace and love by bringing awareness of this current tragedy. Please join us in praying for the Rohingya who have lost their homes. 

This image painted by Nancy is a reminder for you to pray for the hurting, displaced, and those fleeing religious persecution. For more information and how you can provide practical help, visit:

(Puerto Rico is also heavily in our hearts and we encourage prayers and assistance for them too. If you would like to support us in bringing Gods truth, beauty, and goodness in creative ways please donate HERE.)

...let us not love with word or with tongue, but in deed and truth. ~ 1 John 3:18