2018 Summer Camps

This years summer camps went so well. There are many wonderful moments but two beautiful things in particular are kids from different backgrounds and cultures coming together to play, collaborate, and having fun. The second thing is the moment they experience the connection of what they are making with the makings of God. Our two camps where designed to bring about these two experiences.

The LEGO City Camp taught about the need for integration, collaboration, sharing of responsibilities, and other things that make great cities and great people. We are building block and every building or thing that is built to last needs a strong foundation.

The Art Around the World Camp taught about the different artistic styles and expressions around the world. But on a deeper level we shared how people all over the world are seeking way to tell a story—the story of their people and what they believe and how they see they world. It's important to observe, listen, learn from these stories and expressions of art because these are all point of making the connection of our one human story and God's plan for all of us.

Thank you to all the supportive families. Your campers are so creative and we serve a God who makes them that way! And a big thank you to Cumberland Community Church for partnering with us in ministry.