Art Serve International in Puerto Rico

They call him “The Natural Man.” And by “They” I don’t mean many people. Only those who live just outside the trenches of the mountains in the center of Puerto Rico. And they’re even fewer who know him by name — Guillermo. He’s 75 years old and lives without a safe roof since the passage of Hurricane Maria. He received electricity only 10 months after Hurricane Maria. The hurricane damaged most of his few belongings and killed half of his chickens. The rain still seeps into the structure in which he lives. Guillermo explained that he needs construction materials to be able to strengthen it and build a roof. Guillermo does not receive retirement or social security, only $64 per month of nutritional assistance.

So where do we fit into the life of Guillermo?

Well, aside from being an inspiration for surviving the fierce passing of a hurricane at the age of 75, he’s isolated. And when someone is isolated, even by choice, they still need love. It’s a human essential. And we want to love him by visiting him where he is. We also want to inspire others to find those who are least reached and noticed. The marginalized. The ostracized. The forgotten. The isolated. The recluses. The least of these. They all need friends. At the very least, a caring person to visit regularly and just be there. To talk. To listen. To lift. To hold. To grab the other end of something heavy and help move.

This is where we fit in. Artist Freedom Rodriguez has painted a portrait of The Natural Man, Guillermo. To inspire hope. To illustrate the beauty and importance of people who live on the fringes of society and the need to hem them in with love and awareness — to let them and others know they are not forgotten.

Screenshot 2018-09-14 12.12.41.png

Another desire is to thank Guillermo with his own printed portrait. On our next visit, we will bring one as a gift of gratitude. The original will be donated to The Priester Foundation and featured at their 2018 Gala, to raise funds for Guillermo.

And as always, if your support us, you helped make this happen. So with grateful hearts we give thanks to God for you.

Here is a video of Guillermo and the conditions he lives in.