ArtServe International provides creative learning experiences for life-empowerment, faith enrichment, and community transformation.

We’re artist who are called to use our talents to serve under-resourced communities. Our acts of service include, but are not limited to, empowering and inspiring youth, painting murals with uplifting messages, praying for and with people, listening with the heart, encouraging others living in hardship, and sharing God's truth, beauty, and goodness with all who would receive it. We walk humbly and with compassion.

Within ArtServe, artists also have opportunities to grow in their talents and spiritual journey. Join us as a Partner and receive exclusive discounts on retreats and mission trips around the world. Places we like to visit are Kenya, Greece, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Ecuador, Argentina, and more. Partnering artists can also showcase their work at any event at no extra cost or fees.

Monthly Financial Partnerships

We depend on the monthly financial support of our Partners to sustain this arts ministry to local and global communities. We are looking to expand further out as our partnerships grow. Please consider becoming a monthly financial partner at any amount to support our ministry to provide creative learning experiences for life-empowerment and faith enrichment, and community transformation.